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We Can Help

We help patients of all ages and all conditions. Dr. Burgdorf specializes in upper cervical chiropractic. He has a Certification in Chiropractic and Spinal Trauma (CCST) and is an expert in treating auto accidents and spinal injuries. Whether you are suffering from whiplash, back pain or headaches, we can help.

Weymouth Specific Chiropractic. We can help.

We know you want to heal quickly, and your health is always our first goal.

Experience Counts

Dr. Burgdorf’s vast experience treating patients who’ve been involved in automobile accidents or injured on the job has made him an expert in preparing the documentation required for such cases. We know you want to heal quickly, and your health is always our first goal. But rest assured that Weymouth Specific Chiropractic can make this difficult time easier for you by documenting your condition and treatment accurately and thoroughly.

Post-evaluation is Key

We provide spinal adjustment to correct nerve interference, the root cause of pain and dysfunction in the body. All of the tests we conduct and every question we ask are geared at that goal.

Nerve interference is a precise problem, which calls for a precise solution. In order to ensure precision, Dr. Burgdorf uses computerized Thermal-Gradient Imaging for accurate diagnosis and post-analysis.

“Each person’s spinal misalignment or subluxation is specific to them. It’s like a combination lock. And once we discover what that individual’s combination lock is like – what series of joints and angles need to be unlocked – you get the greatest effect, not only in pain relief, but in overall function and in how the nerves are firing.”

Dr. Burgdorf explains that each patient’s precise problem and the way their nerves are firing correctly or incorrectly can be measured by the Thermal Gradient Imager. He uses this technology before an adjustment to confirm which areas of the spine need to be adjusted, and then conducts the test again afterwards to confirm that nerve interference has been removed.

Moving Forward

Dr. Burgdorf promotes post-adjustment rest. He focuses on providing a combination of chiropractic therapy and post-adjustment observation to ensure long-term wellness.

We believe that your body has the ability to heal naturally. And we endeavor to change the way people think about healthcare by providing drug-free, surgery-free care.

Don’t wait.

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