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Weymouth Chiropractor Offers Specific Chiropractic Care

At Weymouth Specific Chiropractic, we provide comprehensive chiropractic care that gets results. Our goal is to promote your body’s desire and ability to heal naturally, without medications or invasive surgeries. We hope that people come to us as the first stop in their quest for wellness versus their last resort.

Throughout his 30 years in practice, Weymouth Chiropractor Dr. David M. Burgdorf has helped many patients get out of pain, heal, and experience optimal health through natural chiropractic care.

The only thing more rewarding than seeing our patients achieve and surpass their health goals, is when they share their chiropractic success story with their loved ones so they can benefit as well.” Dr. Burgdorf.

Whether he’s helping a newborn or young child get off to the healthiest start in life or an older senior achieve greater mobility to stay active in their golden years, we enjoy caring for patients of all ages.