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Welcome to Weymouth Specific Chiropractic

Rejuvenate Your Health with Specific Chiropractic Care

Weymouth Specific Chiropractic provides comprehensive chiropractic care. Our goal is to promote your body’s desire and ability to heal naturally, without medications or invasive surgeries.

Dr. David Burgdorf is a second generation chiropractor who understands your pain and the overwhelming effect it has on your life. He brings a unique perspective, having been raised with chiropractic as a part of his life since birth. It’s a perspective of hope, which he’s seen change lives.

Why Not Call and Ask How We Can Help?

“I’m passionate about chiropractic because I see how it has changed the lives of so many people who were once living in pain or with chronic illness,” says Dr. Burgdorf. “Patients constantly ask me ‘Why didn’t my medical doctor tell me about this?'”

We like to get to know each patient, listening carefully and working with them toward a healthy future. The only thing more rewarding than seeing our patients achieve and surpass their health goals, is when they share their chiropractic success story with their loved ones so they can benefit as well.

Are you finally ready to give chiropractic a try? Call us today.

Why Choose Dr. David Burgdorf as Your Weymouth Chiropractor?

Weymouth Chiropractor, Dr. David Burgdorf

Dr. David Burgdorf

We know people tend to fear things they don’t understand. Our approach is to educate you one-on-one from the first time you pick up the phone to call us. We gently teach you beyond your fears, and continue to educate you individually because your condition and your body are like no other.

“I care for each patient as an individual – there are no cookie cutter people, and so no cookie cutter treatment plans here,” says Dr. Burgdorf. “We don’t pressure patients into care. My approach is to educate them as I provide specific, excellent care. And then the results speak for themselves.”

Comprehensive Healthcare – All in One Place

We believe in sustainable therapy, and to provide that, we analyze the root causes of your health concerns. Dr. Burgdorf will talk with you about your lifestyle, work ergonomics, stress, sleep habits, diet and exercise, and your previous injuries and illnesses. All of this helps him understand what may be causing your pain.

We use the latest technology to evaluate and address your condition:

  • On-Site X-rays
  • Thermo-Gradient Imaging Scans
  • Detailed Diagnosis
  • Post Adjustment Observation

Our first goal is to precisely diagnose your condition. We then address the root cause – encouraging total healing and avoiding relapse and re-injury. Contact our office to learn more about the care we provide.

Dr. David Burgdorf | Chiropractor, Weymouth MA | Phone: (781) 337-4400
Serving Weymouth, Braintree, and Quincy communities.