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New Patients at Weymouth Specific Chiropractic

Chiropractic can change lives. We believe in this so fully that we hope you’ll give it a try. Our goal is to answer your questions fully, exceed your expectations, and do everything we can to make sure you’re comfortable while you’re here.

Mom and girls in waiting roomOn your first visit to Weymouth Specific Chiropractic, we need to collect vital information from you. You can jump start this process by downloading our new patient form and bringing it with you to your appointment. But if you can’t, don’t worry! We’re more than happy to provide the form here in the office or via fax, and answer any questions as you fill it out.

Dr. Burgdorf will then thoroughly examine your condition through:

  • A discussion of your health history and goals
  • A consultation covering your concerns
  • thorough physical examination
  • Tests to assess range of motion and posture
  • Specific chiropractic x-rays
  • Computerized Thermo-Gradient Imaging

We don’t require any special type of clothing for your visit. Just wear whatever makes you most comfortable. You’ll find yourself lying on a table at times during the exam, and your X-rays will be taken in a standing position, so that your joints are assessed while bearing weight naturally.

Dr. Burgdorf recommends you refrain from stimulants and certain painkillers 4-5 hours before your appointment, and he encourages you to ask for specifics regarding this recommendation when you call to book your appointment.

You can expect your time with Dr. Burgdorf to last roughly one hour on this first visit.


Reviewing paperwork with womanOn your second visit with Dr. Burgdorf you can expect him to:

  • Review your condition, his findings, and your X-rays with you
  • Explain how he can help
  • Discuss how your goals mesh in with this
  • Answer questions you have regarding costs
  • xplain how long he believes your condition will take to treat
  • Explain the chiropractic techniques he will use in your care
  • Perform chiropractic adjustments at this point
  • And conduct post-analysis to assess how you are responding to the adjustments

On follow-up visits, we monitor your overall health and wellness, and help you on the road to recovery.

There is no hard and fast rule for how often Dr. Burgdorf will like to see you. Everything from your condition, to your overall health and your age are factors in how often you may need care to recover. You’ll be able to discuss his recommendations at this second visit, and of course, all decisions to be made are entirely yours.

Dr. Burgdorf’s hope for you is that he can bring you relief. And ultimately our hope is that when you see those results, you’ll also notice a correlation with improved health and your overall functioning.

Are you ready to heal? Schedule an appointment to get started with chiropractic care.


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